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German Experience

I am a dual US / German citizen and have been studying the German language for 9 years.

At Northeastern University, I completed a minor in German language and conducted 4 months of research in Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen. This page features a few samples of my language skills from my Northeastern German coursework.


Sustainability as a Mechanical Engineer

Presentation about sustainability in my field of study as a mechanical engineer. In this presentation I introduce what I learn as a mechanical engineer and then relate that to various sustainability topics we discussed in my German class. I then talk about how my research at Northeastern university has applications with improving the efficiency of combustion engines which can help facilitate a more sustainable future.

Food Culture in the US

Presentation about the different eating habits in the US compared to Germany. For this presentation, I take a narrative approach and pretend that the viewer is visiting me in Boston. I describe a whole day of eating around the city and describe how the American diet differs from a typical German's.

Gentrification Presentation

Presentation about gentrification in the German city of Bremen. In this presentation I introduce gentrification as a problem in Bremen, discuss some current solutions and make suggestions about what should be done to mitigate gentrification in the future. 

German Inventions Storymap

A StoryMap I made about a few important German inventions and scientific discoveries.  You can navigate the different pages to move around Germany and see where these inventions were created and their importance. 

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