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Professional Summary

I am an analytical mechanical engineering and physics student at Northeastern University, driven by a profound passion for math, physics, and intricate mechanical design. Having immersed myself in diverse experiences, from high-speed aerodynamics research at RWTH in Germany to optimizing cooling systems at MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center, I aim to blend my robust understanding of engineering theory with hands-on skills cultivated through co-op experiences and extracurricular activities. My journey includes impactful contributions, such as enhancing the performance of SpaceX's Raptor V2 rocket engine and receiving accolades like the DAAD RISE Scholarship and the Gorlov Innovation Award. I am eager to apply this wealth of knowledge to engineer innovative solutions for humanity's most challenging problems.

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Work Experience

MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

September 2023 - Present, Cambridge, MA


Mechanical Engineering Co-Op

  • Working on the development of nuclear fusion technology for large scale energy production.

  • Carrying out CFD simulations using COMSOL to optimize a jet impingement heat exchanger for a high heat flux RF component.

  • Developing effective brazing techniques for high temperature structural alloy.


RWTH Aachen University

May 2023 - August 2023, Aachen Germany

Institute for Aerodynamics and chair of Fluid Mechanics - Researcher

  • Employing experimental and computational techniques to investigate shock induced turbulent boundary layer separation using air-jet vortex generators. 

  • Using MATLAB, developing a particle image velocimetry script to make quantitative assessments of governing mechanisms. 



May 2022 - December 2022, Hawthorne CA

Propulsion Intern - Raptor Components

  • Responsible engineer owning the analysis, qualification, and implementation of a fluid system to improve the performance and reliability of the Raptor V2 engine utilizing relevant thermofluids theory, numerical methods, and Siemens NX

  • Planned and safely carried out high pressure testing campaigns with cryogenic fluids to validate design changes

  • Manufacturing engineer responsible for the production of components on the Raptor V2 ignition system

  • Implemented novel assembly tooling and testing methods to improve build reliability, decreasing cycle time by 20% while increasing yield by 40%


SharkNinja Corporation

July 2021 - December 2021, Needham MA

Product Development Co-Op - Ninja Motorized

  • Aid in fabrication of high-quality motorized kitchen appliances, utilizing both brushless DC and universal AC motors to meet the constraints such as mass, cost, power draw, and competitor benchmarks

  • Rapidly develop and prototype components with 3D printers and machining skills to improve and innovate functionality of motorized consumer products, at various stages along the product development cycle

  • Synthesize Python scripts and GUIs for improved testing and analysis of current and legacy motorized units, enabling increased device longevity and consumer experience while cutting analysis time by 80%

  • Implemented critical DFM principles in designs to identify and mitigate potential manufacturing challenges, cutting tooling costs and expediting product development timelines


Northeastern University

January 2022 - May 2023, Boston MA

College of Engineering - Fluid Mechanics Teaching Assistant

  • Led weekly fluid mechanics recitations and office hours for 60 students, explaining and walking through problems. Held TA position for 3 full semesters.

  • Enhanced students’ understanding of fluids topics while developing strong technical communication skills.

September 2020 - September 2021, Boston MA

First Year Engineering Learning Center - Red Vest 

  • Tutored and assisted 100+ first year engineering students in C++, SolidWorks, Arduino, AutoCAD and MATLAB to supplement and help them succeed in their first year Cornerstone of Engineering course

  • Effectively operated 3D printers and laser cutters in addition to other shop tools like saws, drills and soldering irons


Presentations and Publications

Storrer, Alex;  Ramaswamy, Deepak Prem; Schreyer, Anne-Marie. Control of Shock-Induced Dynamic Response of Compliant Surfaces Using Air-Jet Vortex Generators. American Physical Society Division for Fluid Dynamics Presentation, 2023


Ramaswamy, Deepak Prem; StorrerAlexSchreyer, Anne-Marie. Dynamic Characterization of AJVG-Controlled Shock/Boundary-Layer Interactions on Flexible Panels International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, Presentation and Manuscript 2024

Holand, Ethan; Homer, Jarrod; Khandeker, Musheeera Khandeker; Muhlon, Ethan; Patel, Maulik; Storrer, Alex; Vainqueur, Ben-oni; Hanson, Nathaniel; Padır, Ta ̧skın. Battery-Swapping Multi-Agent System for Sustained Operation of Large Planetary Fleets. IEEE Aerospace Paper under peer review, 2023.

Extracurricular Research
and Technical Experience

Northeastern University

May 2021 - May 2022, Boston MA

Multiphase Flow Lab - Student Researcher

  • Plan and carry out experiments studying mechanics of liquid droplets impacting pools and substrates of different liquids using high speed video analysis with custom MATLAB script for image processing

  • Utilize design skills and 3D printing to create fixtures for uniform droplet generation and droplet velocity measurement during experimentation

Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar - Student Researcher

  • Designed and manufactured a miniature compression Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar setup utilizing Solidworks, FEA methods, and Arduino setup for 20% of it's retail price

  • Calibrated setup with measuring precision to accurately model and analyze unique stress strain responses of polymer and metal materials at strain rates of 1000 s^-1 – 5000 s^-1 during dynamic testing for university research

  • Configured and designed gas gun striker launch system to accelerate a .5 m long steel striker to 15m/s 

September 2019 - Present, Boston MA

September 2020 - Present, Boston MA

NASA Mars Ice Challenge- Mechanical Team Member, 2nd Place Winner

  • Collaborated with a team of engineering students to design and produce a robot which autonomously drills through .5m of simulated Martian terrain as well as melt and filter ice to compete in the 2021 NASA Moon to Mars Ice and Prospecting Challenge  

  • Won 2nd place overall, best undergraduate team, and best technical paper at the competition

  • Design melting method and motion mechanisms for the melting arm and robot carousel using Fusion 360, implement relevant engineering theory to increase possible water prospection by 60%

  • Designed several telemetry systems, most notably integrating a limit switch housed within the melting arm to determine its position and prevent the robot from self-destruction

Certification, Training and Awards

Huntington 100


The Huntington 100 program recognizes outstanding students from all class years and campuses of Northeastern University for their achievements. I was honored to be chosen as one of 100 recipients selected based on my impact on the campus community, record of service, global engagement, leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to representing the university's values.


Gorlov Innovation Award


The Gorlov Innovation award honors the life and legacy of Northeastern MIE professor Alexander Gorlov. It is awarded to recognize members of the Senior Capstone Design Team that have demonstrated superior creativity and innovation in applying engineering principles to the resolution of a problem.


Competing against 30 other teams of mechanical engineering students, my team won this award for our capstone project BOOST.

Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP)

Professional - Mechanical Design.jpg

Each CSWP has proven their ability to design and analyze parametric parts and moveable assemblies using a variety of complex features in SOLIDWORKS software.

Eagle Scout Rank with four Eagle Palms 


Highest achievable rank in the Boy Scouts of America.  In addition to the required merit badges, an eagle scout candidate must complete an extensive service project and review. I developed and managed a large service project to increase awareness for a local community garden, resulting in increased community participation.

Eagle Palms are additional advancement for scouts who remain active in scouting beyond achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

Goethe-Institut German Language B1 Zertifikat 


Passing the Goethe-Zertifikat B1 examination proves that one has a sound basic knowledge of everyday German and that they have the language skills required for dealing with all kinds of different situations encountered every day.

Northeastern University Physics Department Lawrence Award for Scholastic Excellence (2x)


The Lawrence Awards established by a gift from Northeastern alumnus John Lawrence (PhD 1967), recognizes graduate and undergraduate scholastic achievements in the Physics Department. As a holder of a 4.0 GPA in the Physics discipline, I was honored by the department at the Lawrence Awards in 2020 and 2021.

National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)


NAYLE is a program that enhances leadership skills and expands upon the team-building and ethical decision-making skills learned in National Youth Leadership Training through the Boy Scouts of America. 

Volunteer and Leadership

Northeastern University

September 2019 - Present, Boston MA

Club Ultimate Frisbee - A Team Captain and Executive Member

  • Serve on the executive board of Northeastern’s Club Men's Ultimate Frisbee Program coordinating club finances, practice times, various social events and fundraising efforts for the university's largest club sport, supporting 300+ members across 5 different teams.

  • Serve as captain of the Northeastern Men's Ultimate A Team,  leading a team of 24 athletes against other nationally ranked college teams at high-level tournaments across the country.

  • Member of the club ultimate team 3 years prior to captainship, developing my own skills on the field while trying to build others up and facilitate good teamwork and bonds between other team members.

January 2021 - January 2022, Boston MA

American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Executive Officer

  • Serve on the executive board of Northeastern’s chapter of ASME, providing high quality engineering workshops and professional development opportunities for 600+ mechanical engineering student members annually

  • Organize and lead multiple 50 student SolidWorks courses, elevating students’ software proficiency and enabling success on the CSWA exam.

Boy Scouts of America

Eagle Scout Rank, Senior Patrol Leader, Crew Chief of Philmont and Seabase Expeditions, Bugler

  • Developed and managed 10 scouts for a 150 hour service project to increase awareness for a local community garden, resulting in increased community participation

  • Oversaw other scout service projects and outdoors skills to aid in rank advancement and benefit the community

  • Coordinated troop activities, mealtimes, and mobilization on trips to ensure effective flow of the trip

  • Completed National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience and National Youth Leadership Training, implementing learned servant leadership skills in Wayne, PA troop which boosted productivity during weekly meetings

Radnor High School

Student Government- Class President 2016-2019

  • Frequently addressed class of 300 students on ongoing student affairs

  • Acted as liaison between district administrators, staff, and students; frequently addressed 300 student class to clearly communicate different activities and practices fostering a more positive school community

  • Delegated responsibilities to 30-member student government, coordinating several $1000+ fundraising efforts to: renovate an outdoor courtyard, upgrade the school library, and erect a community wall of honor

Ultimate Frisbee- Varsity Captain

  • Organized formal practices and initiated informal events to improve communication and bonds among teammates

  • Motivated team with a level-headed and dedicated leadership style, resulting in a successful spring season

Marching Band- Drum Major

  • Led 150-person marching band with conducting precision, resulting in musical growth throughout the season

  • Managed and mediated interpersonal conflicts between band members promoting positivity and showmanship


 Solidworks (CSWP)       C++      Python      MATLAB      Arduino       AutoCAD        Fusion 360        Microsoft Suite 

 Ansys      German Language      Creo       NX      STAR-CCM+

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