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My Projects

These are a few project I am very proud of!

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Battery Optimized Onsite Swapping Technology (B.O.O.S.T.) is a robot I developed part of my senior capstone design course. The robot addresses the problem of finite battery life in field robotics and won our team the Gorlov Innovation Award. This project was further developed into the IEEE paper Multi-Agent Battery Swapping System for Sustained Operation of Large Planetary Fleets.


NASA Mars Ice Challenge: P.A.R.S.E.C.

PARSEC is a robot that I designed and am producing as part of the 2021 NASA Moon to Mars Ice and Prospecting challenge. The robot autonomously melted and extracted subterranean ice from a simulated Martian surface. PARSEC won 2nd place overall and best technical paper in the 2021 NASA Mars Ice Challenge!

Droplet Impact Research

Research at Northeastern University studying various phenomena related to liquid droplets impacting liquid pools and substrates. I take high speed videos of various liquid interactions and evaluate the behavior using a Matlab image processing script. Applications to spray combustion processes, industrial spray painting, inkjet printing, and airborne pollution mitigation.


Split Hopkinson Presssure Bar

A testing apparatus designed to characterize the unique stress-strain response of polymer and metal materials during high strain rate, dynamic loading.

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Electric Bicycle Project

A road bike modified to be driven by an electric motor while maintaining the ability to be ridden manually. I motorized my bike when I moved away from campus to save money and commuting time while minimizing my physical effort.

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Automatic Pill Dispenser

An automatic pill dispenser which dispenses specified amounts of medication at set intervals. This is a project I worked on during my first year engineering course. The target consumer of this device is anyone who may have a lot of medications and/or may not remember to take their medication.  

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The highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America culminates with the Eagle Scout Award. This requires the completion a large service project. For my eagle scout project, I led a group of scouts to construct a large sign for a local community garden to increase awareness and boost membership.

Eagle Scout Project: Skunk
Hollow Community Garden Sign

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